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How to Buy a Used Road Bike

If you’re new to bike commuting and not ready to run out and drop $1,000 on a new bike at the local bike shop (and I don’t blame you) you will probably be looking to purchase a used bike. Even if it isn’t your first bike, a used cycle is always a good idea for [...]

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Sorry to all of our readers that follow us via RSS! RSS was down and none of the new posts had updated, so go ahead and check out our recent content and welcome back to Carectomy!

Carectomy Looking for Writers

Hi all. I took over the site from Hank a bit ago and gave it a little makeover, and I would like to begin filling it with great content again. I decided to take over because of my natural interest in the subject, and it is that same interest that will have me posting from [...]

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Bike-commuting in Japan: 3 Approaches

If you are going to commute by bicycle in Japan, there are three basic approaches to the situation that you can take, depending on the type of commuting that you are looking to do.
Short-distance: Mamachari
Mamachari is Japanese for the “mother chariot,” and these bicycles often can been seen with child baskets on the front and [...]

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Car-free in Japan

For the last few weeks I have been living and doing research in rural Japan. Japan is well known for high-speed rail, jam-packed commuter trains, and big, well-connected cities.
I am not living in a place with any of those things. Two years ago when I spent time outside of Tokyo, I was. It was a [...]

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Boston Mayor Boosts Biking

Tom Menino, mayor of Boston, has a new hobby and, with it, a new mission. He recently discovered the joys of cycling in the city, and has made a commitment to improving cyclists’ experiences in Beantown.
Menino announced on September 20th the hiring of former Olympic cyclist Nicole Freedman as the city’s “bike czar.” The mayor [...]

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