Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

I have been using electric scooters for a long time now and when I bought my first electric scooter, I had no idea that I would need so many accessories. These accessories are lifesavers.

They also help to make your electric scooter experience more convenient. These are some of the best accessories you can buy for your electric scooters. You will be needing them if you own or going to be an owner of an electric scooter in the near future.

This article is to help you choose the best accessories for your electric scooters. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Here are some of the best electric scooter accessories that you can purchase online. These brilliant products are designed to keep you safe while riding your Electric scooter on public roads.

Helmets for Electric Scooters

Safety is something you can’t take for granted; it should be of your utmost concern when riding. While a lot of people think that electric scooters are slow and don’t need a helmet to be safe, news flash, they are dumb and don’t think like them.

You will get hurt falling from an electric scooter and it will cost you more than buying a helmet in the first place. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some of the best helmets you can buy:

Giro Sutton MIPS Helmet

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Giro is one of the best names in the riding industry. Giro Sutton is one of the best helmets you can buy. It has Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) for better protection. It also has a removable visor which you can use on sunny and rainy days for better visibility. 

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Kask Utopia

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Another excellent helmet to keep you safe while riding is the Kask Utopia. These are even suited for racing, and come with MIPS. They have excellent adjustment capabilities. They come with a washable chin strap and are highly breathable and lightweight for cool and comfortable rides.  

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Bells for Electric Scooters 

Some electric scooters include bells, but if yours don’t, you’ll have to buy one to keep yourself and others on the streets safe and alert. Bells are important to let others know that you are riding. They are essential for a safe riding experience.

My favorites are: 

Rockbros Bell

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

While this does look a bit odd, it is functional and does a great job as a bell. It is waterproof, and its silicone material makes it rustproof and doesn’t damage your bike when clamped. The battery lasts for a year and the 110 dB sound is powerful and loud.

You can change the sound to your taste by long-pressing the button for 3 seconds. 

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Knog Oi

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

The Knog Oi is simple to fit, loud and practical. You can run your cables through the cutout for them, which is a nice touch. They are made with aluminum and stainless steel, so bye-bye to rusts.

With 4 colors to choose from, they will be a good cosmetic match too. 

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Locks for Electric Scooters

Just like how you need to be safe, your electric scooters need to be safe too, from thieves. Electric scooters are designed to be portable so that you can carry them anywhere. But it is not always possible or convenient, like at a small shop or a place that doesn’t allow you to carry them inside.

In such cases it is handy to carry a lock for your electric scooters, this will ensure its safety from the risk of being stolen.

These locks offer you peace of mind when your scooter misses your presence outside:  

Master Lock Street Cuff

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Don’t be alarmed, this is not some parallel universe where you are cuffed while your new electric scooter does your shopping, this lock is specially made for electric scooters. It locks tightly around the vertical handlebar.

The manufacturers claim that it is almost impossible to cut because it is made from hardened steel. It is easy to fold down and carry it in your pocket or backpack. It weighs around 3.3 pounds. 

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Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1230 Cable Lock

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

While bicycle locks are not the best locks for electric scooters, the KryptoFlex 1230 are a great fit. Kryptonite makes some of the best locks for bicycles and the KryptoFlex 1230s are their best yet. It is easy to carry in a backpack, and if you don’t carry a backpack, it can be a chore to carry around.

It is long enough to easily strap your electric scooter to something safe. It also comes with a weather guard to prevent rusting of the locking mechanism.  

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Head-Lights for Electric Scooters 

Most electric scooters come with a light attached to them, but if you are someone that rides a lot at night, it is good to have an additional LED light. This lets you ride more comfortably in the night as your visibility is increased.

Some of my favorites are: 

Curve Light 3 by Bookman

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

These can be strapped on the handlebar of your electric scooter with their adjustable elastic silicone band. They are bright reliable and waterproof for those rainy night rides. 

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Bright Eyes 1600 lumen LED

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

One of the brightest LED lights you can get for your electric scooters are these. They last for 4+ hours on high, 6+ hours on medium and 16+ hours on low setting.

Apart from that, they are waterproof and you can use them for other activities like hiking, camping etc., because of their practicality. 

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Cleaning Accessories for Electric Scooters

Cleaning accessories are essential to keep your electric scooters in good condition and ensure a long life for them. These are especially very useful in places where there is a lot of mud and dust or where it rains very often.

The dust and mud can settle in all the nooks and crevices of your electric scooter which can reduce performance over time. They can also damage your scooters as dirt and grime can lead to corrosion. And a clean and shiny bike looks better than one that isn’t.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, regularly clean your electric scooters with these: 

Muc-Off spray

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

These are favorites among cyclists and bikers. And they are rightly so because they use state of the art Nanotech formula to breakdown dirt and grimes at a molecular level. They don’t use any harmful chemicals or solvents.

They are easy to use and can clean all components off your scooter safely. Rinse your scooter in water and spray Muc-Off on your entire scooter, wait for a few minutes. Use a brush or sponge to clean your scooter and rinse with water to lean.

Your electric scooter will look brand spanking new after this.  

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Park Tool BCB-4.2 Bicycle Cleaning Brush Set

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Any set of electric scooter cleaning set will do good. I use the Park Tool BCB-4.2 Bicycle Cleaning Brush Set for cleaning purposes of my electric scooters.  

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Carry Straps for Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are built for convenience, and this includes the convenience of carrying them. They are portable vehicles that can be easily folded and carried around. But there are exceptions, some powerful electric scooters can be heavy and big.

And even when they are not heavy or big, you still don’t want to hold them in your hands all the time. This can be avoided by using carry straps for electric scooters.

Some recommended carry straps are: 

Hand Strap Belt by Zonsuse

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

These straps offer value for money, are simple and comfortable to use. They have two clips that lock on to the front and rear wheel, which makes them balanced when resting from your shoulders. The straps can also be adjusted and can carry up to 80 pounds. You can fold them when not in use and put them in your backpack.  

Tomall Electric Scooter Strap

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Another excellent scooter strap that comes with 5 cm padded strap for comfort and ease of use. They are adjustable to fit your size needs. They fold down to save space when not in use and are durable and offer up to 80 pounds of carrying capacity.  

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Other Useful Accessories


Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Electric scooters already come attached with reflectors, but you can also buy some wearable reflectors. This is to ensure that you are more visible for other vehicles in the dark or on a foggy day. 

Clip-on Reflectors by Bookman use magnets to clip onto your clothing and can provide visibility for up to 125 meters. 

The Urban Moov reflective kit is also very practical as they use LED strips. They fit on your shoes, bags, helmets for night visibility. You will have to change the batteries every once in a while. 

Phone Mount

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Phone mounts are used for navigational purposes and the occasional video recording. You can find a lot of good phone mounts on Amazon.  

Trolley bags

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

You can use these instead of electric scooter straps to carry your electric scooters. While these may be easy to use, they are not convenient for carrying around, as bags take up more space.  


The increase in popularity of electric scooters would have made you want an electric scooter. This would have left you wondering if you have everything to have the optimal electric scooter riding experience. Accessories for electric scooters make it easier and safer for you to ride, maintain and enjoy them. 

The above accessories are essential for an optimal riding experience and are worth it. I hope that this article helps you in choosing the best accessories for your electric scooter.  

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